Illustrations by Juliana Vido; follow her on Instagram @julianavido.

what is a doula? what does a doula do? why do I need a doula?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone! A doula is a person that a pregnant woman or expecting family may hire as additional birth support and coaching.


doula is a greek word meaning a woman who serves another woman throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the recovery period

as a doula, I help you have the birth that you want and help you to communicate with your family and health care providers about your wishes

I offer you physical, emotional, mental, and logistical support during birth planning and labor as well as postpartum care, holding space for you your new baby and the rest of your birth team

hiring a doula has a positive impact on the entire family: mother, baby, partner, and the family as a whole are benefited

if you are interested in hiring me as a doula, please contact me to set up a free consultation!

I offer my services to those in the Long Beach and Los Angeles area, working with families of all socioeconomic, cultural, and familial backgrounds. I am trained in trauma sensitivity, and encourage any survivors who are considering or approaching birth to reach out! I am a member of the queer community, and welcome all marginalized expecting individuals and families to reach out as well!

It is important to address and acknowledge how our identities and pasts have made us stronger more compassionate women, and how you can harness that strength and compassion to walk into birth with calm confidence, and how it will make you stronger more compassionate mothers! Our journeys are about finding the support to realize our selves as completely capable beings, ready to conquer any fear or obstacle!


Studies have shown that a doula has great benefits to a laboring woman and her perception of her birth. A doula is most effective when they are a professionally trained doula rather than a family member or nurse with free hands. This means that a your mother or favorite nurse, no matter how helpful they are, doesn’t have the same positive impact that a doula can.

Why should you hire a doula? There are so many physical and emotional benefits to hiring a doula, many of them documented by research.

  • A doula can increase confidence in the woman, not just during labor, but after
  • A doula during labor increases breastfeeding rates at six weeks postpartum
  • Increases chances of spontaneous childbirth (decreases chances of induction)
  • Lower cesarean section rates
  • Lower chances of medication during labor
  • Faster labors
  • Higher five-minute APGAR scores in the infant
  • Less likely to have any sort of medical intervention

These are just the documented benefits of hiring a doula. Couples find that doulas have an amazing impact on the birth and help not just mom, but her partner too.

Disclaimer:  Earth Mother Care Services offers information on a variety of topics and is intended for educational and empowering purposes only.  You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professionals.